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ISOPARA Provide Domain Based Training as Per Industry Standard And Manufacturing Feasibility


Automotive Plastic Product Design Training

We are committed to providing a Real Time Work Experince in Automotive Plastic Product Design Training.


Product Design: Automotive BIW Design Training

We also provide long term training in BIW Design with job oriented approach.


Tool Design : Press Tool Design Training

Searching for different domain we provide training on Press Tool Design with placement assistance.

Automotive Plastic Product Design

> Material selection, Material characterstics.
> Plastic product design consideration.
> Class A to Class B conversions with surface closure.
> Skin foam creation, Slider lifter Concept.
> B side Feature creation by Powercopy.
> A-surface feasebility check.
> DMU study, Data conversions, International Safety Standards.
> Plastic welding Process and Design, Design of live hinges.
> Plastics manufacturing defects
> Generation of Drawing and apply GD&T, Tolerance stack up.
> Master section, (Remastering)

Product Design: Automotive BIW Design

> Introduction and Types of BIW
Standard procedures in BIW design
Exercises and techniques in BIW design
Clean edge modeling technique
Method for shaping the part
Creating complex and complex contoured depressions
Creating flanges, beads, darts
Completion of a BIW component from drawing sheet
> Packaging & Benchmarking.
> Making 3D data by design consideration and manufacturing        processes.
> Welding consideration for the assembly.

Press Tool Design Services

> Blank development, Strip Layout design.
> Method Plan Design, Die Face Development.
> Part Process Simulation, Feasibility / Formability Analysis.
> Trim Line Development.
> Blanking Tool design, Piercing Tool Design.
> Triming Tool Design, Progressive Tool design.
> Drawing Tool Design, Forming Tool Design, Restrike Tool Design, > Cam Tool Design.