Master Surfacing Course in Catia V5 & UGNX

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This is a comprehensive, hands-on course with pre-recorded videos, solved industrial level surfacing issues and exercises. Students are guided through the solution of complex real world design problems using modern industry tools. The course covers all aspects of surface modeling. The course is designed to be interactive and engaging. Each lecture is supplemented with real-world design problems that are solved using the software. Solved examples help in understanding the concepts better.

The course is designed to provide a thorough understanding of the conceptual design process and to introduce students to the range of tools and methods available in modern product development. If you are beginner in CAD particularly CATIA or UG NX this is the best course for you.

clock Last updated : October-2022

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Master Surfacing Course in  Catia V5 &  UGNX

Master Surfacing Course in Catia V5 & UGNX

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  • 8 hours on-demand video
  • 25 downloadable Exercise
  • 10 different Topics covered
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Full Live support 
  • Lifetime Access*

What You'll Learn  ( Inshorts )

  • Introduction: Foundation build up to Advanced and in-depth level of surfacing commands.
  • Basic Surfacing:  Elementary Surfacing model creation, Understanding of command behavior and their implementation
  • Advance Surfacing: Using wire-frame commands to create surface models (No use of sketch to create profiles)
  • Patchwork: Construction of Missing surface, Multi-section, Blend, through curve mesh commands, Process to maintain quality of surface
  • A to B Surface creation: Why A to B, Creation of B surface as per styling, given parameter of thickness and then create solid.
  • Styling update: Update Surface as per master section, use of all surfacing knowledge here, very important for cad test.
  • Variable thickness: Surface creation as per the master section with variable thickness, its helps us to create complex surfacing task.
  • Tooling purpose: Surface creation between two surfaces for tooling purposes.
  • Basic style creation: Concept design, new styling design as per given images.
  • Surface modification: Replacing old A-Surface with new one, use of quick select command in CATIA or NX for modification purpose.


Course Module List

documentIntroduction to Commands (Surfaces toolbar)

playcircleIntroduction to surface toolbar - 336.26

playcircleIntroduction to surface toolbar - 119.21

playcircleIntroduction to surface toolbar - 248.18

playcircleIntroduction to master surfacing course7.09

documentIntroduction to Commands (Operations toolbar)

playcircleIntroduction to operations toolbar - 115.17

playcircleIntroduction to operations toolbar - 224.12

playcircleIntroduction to operations toolbar - 322.31

documentIntroduction to Commands (Wire-frame toolbar)

playcirclewireframe 148.09

playcirclewireframe 223.36

documentBasic surfacing model creation

playcircleIntroduction to surface model creation0.36

playcircleExpert demo video16.17

documentSurface model creation using wire-frame toolbar


playcircleExpert demo video15.27

documentMissing surface creation - patch work


playcircleExpert demo video10.01

documentSolid creation from A surface as per given thickness - close volume


playcircleExpert demo video22.33

documentUpdate surface as per section - styling update


playcircleExpert demo video14.39

documentVariable thickness creation as per section - soft trim


playcircleExpert demo video34.35

documentSurface creation between two surfaces


playcircleExpert demo video23.30

documentConcept design new styling design


playcircleExpert demo video33.16

documentModification in surface model


documentDomain Training Courses

playcircleIntroduction to Domain Course24.04

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Pre - Requirements

  • Basic knowledge of handling any CAD software
  • Basic understanding of CATIA V5/ UGNX
  • Motivation to practice.

Course Video - Preview

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