Project - Automotive Plastic Door Trim Design 2 - Catia/NX

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ISOPARA is the only company that provides Project-based courses and one of them is on Automotive Door Trim Design - Catia V5/ UGNX. It improves your skill in plastic product design and can be used by both experienced and fresher engineers. The industrial level of styling data along with master sections and environment data is provided. A step-by-step method is used to teach that how a door project is completed in the industry. The door assembly consists of all the parts like Carrier, Armrest, Map pocket, Bezel cover etc. and B side features like Dog house in Door Panel, welding boss, locators,snaps, strengthening ribs, Dog house coring etc.

To grow your career in Product design by learning expertise. Handling complex issues easily as you will have strong fundamentals and the right knowledge.  Our course expert team designed the course considering fresher and professional to make them experts.

clock Last updated : October-2022

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Project - Automotive Plastic Door Trim Design 2 - Catia/NX

Project - Automotive Plastic Door Trim Design 2 - Catia/NX

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  • 20 hours on-demand video
  • Downloadable all project data
  • Full Project solution
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What You'll Learn  ( Inshorts )

  • Introduction: Introduction to Door panel | Introduction to different parts like armrest, map pocket, lower/upper substrate, top roll, switch bezel | Environment parts | Input data study | Benchmark data study | customer requirements
  • Surface feasibility and Master section: A surface feasibility check and report creation | Draft analysis | Master section creation 
  • Close volume and B-side features: Class A to Class B  surface creation | Flange creation | B-side features mounting
  • Tooling: Draft analysis | Tooling feasibility checking and report generation | part modification as per tooling
  • Clash analysis: Gap, clash, clearance  analysis | part modification
  • Technical: Ergonomics study | DFA | DFM | DFMEA | DFS | Automotive safety standards | OEM regulations with standard


Course Module List

documentDoor Trim Introduction and work-flow

playcircleIntroduction to Door trim

playcircleOEM Work Flow

playcircleWhy CAD

documentBench-marking and Input data study

playcircleBench-marking of Door trim

playcircleInput data study - 2

playcircleInput data study - 1

documentA surface Feasibility checking

playcircleArm rest tooling feasibility

playcircleBolster tooling feasibility

playcircleCup lather tooling feasibility

playcircleFinisher insert tooling feasibility

playcircleLower carrier tooling feasibility

playcircleMap pocket tooling feasibility

playcirclePull cup tooling feasibility

playcircleSwitch Bezel tooling feasibility

playcircleTop roll tooling feasibility

playcircleUpper carrier tooling feasibility

playcircleIntroduction to A surface

documentPackaging study

playcirclePackaging Study

documentMaster section creation

playcircleSection creation 1

playcircleSection creation 2

playcircleSection creation 3

playcircleSection creation 4

playcircleSection creation 5

playcircleSection creation 6

playcircleSection creation 7

playcircleVehicle coordinate system

documentClose volume all parts

playcircleMap pocket - Close volume

playcircleTop Roll - Close volume

playcircleFinisher Insert - Close volume

playcircleSwitch Bezel - Close Volume

playcircleUpper carrier - Close volume

playcircleArm rest - Close volume

playcircleBolster - Close volume

playcircleCup lather - Close volume

playcircleCup mould - Close volume

playcircleSubstrate - Close volume

playcircleAutomotive safety standards

documentB side feature power-copy

playcirclepower copy - Screw Boss

playcirclepower copy - Welding Boss

playcirclepower copy - Dog House Push Pin

playcirclepower copy - Dog House flange

playcircleIntroduction to B side features

documentB side feature mounting - 1

playcircleArm rest

playcircleBolster 1

playcircleBolster 2

playcircleLather pad

playcircleFinisher insert

playcircleMap pocket

documentB side feature mounting - 2

playcirclePull Cup Mould


playcircleSwitch Bezel

playcircleTop roll

playcircleUpper Carrier

documentTooling feasibility

playcircleSafety Standards

playcircleTooling feasibility 3

playcircleTooling feasibility 2

playcircleTooling feasibility 1

documentDMU study

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Pre - Requirements

Must have Good knowledge of plastic domain like manufacturing process, tooling feasibility checking, power copy, section creation, dump to para, design guidelines, and more

Course Video - Preview

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