Applied course in tolerance stack up - Beginner

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Tolerance stack up is a fundamental part of any design process. It allows for the evaluation of how individual part tolerances may affect the overall product. It involves the determination of critical features that have the potential to create interferences or gaps between mating parts.Every part required some tolerance to get manufactured. But to get them assembled together, fulfil product functionality, ensuring interchangeability, we need to apply Tolerance stack-up analysis before sending it for manufacturing. Its most important course for every product design engineer in all fields.

Tolerance stack-up mostly user in the big assembly in product design. By using stack up we will overcome issues in assembly as well as reduce manufacturing costs with the addition of more tolerance.

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Applied course in tolerance stack up - Beginner

Applied course in tolerance stack up - Beginner

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What You'll Learn  ( Inshorts )

  • IntroductionIntroduction to Tolerance Stack-up analysis | Need of tolerance stack-up and its implementation.
  • Steps and process of tolerance stack up for worst-case and statistical method
  • Basics of GD & T | MMC | LMC | RFS  types of tolerances | datums
  • stack up for co-ordinate tolerance | envelope calculation of virtual condition and resultant condition | Effect of bonus tolerance on stack up | stack up using position tolerance
  • Plus and minus tolerancing | loop analysis chart | finding minimum | maximum gaps.
  • Tolerance stack-up analysis for fixed and floating fastener situations for clearance holes, screws and shafts.


Course Module List

documentIntroduction to Stack-up

playcircleIntroduction to stack-up

documentStack-up definition, Application & steps

playcircleStack-up Definition

documentStack-up methodology and types

playcircleMethodologies & its types

documentWC & RSS Method

playcircleWC & RSS Method

documentExercises and Solution

playcircleExercise 1 with solution

playcircleExercise 2 with solution

documentRole of GD & T in Stack up

playcircleMMC and LMC

playcircleRole of GD & T part 2

documentVirtual and Resultant Condition & Envelope Calculations

playcircleVirtual and Resultant Conditions

documentSolved Examples for parts including position tolerances

playcircleExample 1

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Pre - Requirements

Students or Working professional related to Mechanical Field

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